This is the main method to customise the VM.

In this file you can override any ansible variables provided by beetbox or by the galaxy roles.

See the beetbox.config.yml for a full list of variables. And each role can include their own specific variables, see the list of roles for more info.

Common overrides

vagrant_ip (string)

The IP of the VM, by default this is and the auto-network plugin will auto assign an IP.

vagrant_memory (string)

The memory given to the VM.

beet_project (string)

The beetbox project role to invoke, by default this is drupal but you can also set this to custom to skip any project specific role.

beet_domain (string)

The main domain name of the VM, it's also reused as a base for many other variables like the VM name etc.

beet_aliases (list)

Addtional domains for the VM.

beet_base (string)

The location which the root of the project is mounted to inside the VM, we don't recommend changing this location as it also requires setting an environment variable BEET_BASE so the config directory can be found.

beet_root (string)

The root of the project, in some cases this might not be the same as the root of the repo. If your docroot was at /docroot inside the repo you would add beet_root: "{{ beet_base }}/docroot"

beet_web (string)

In some cases the web root is not the same as the project root or the root of the repo so you can override this to be the default docroot for Apache.


This file will override config.yml and is usually excluded from the VCS so you can test or add specific override to the local instance.

This could include increasing the memory for the VM on a machine with lots of memory available.